Precision is our Passion

     Clients have come to expect the professional accuracy and timely delivery of information that is needed for down-stream data flow to the end-user. Geophysical Land Services has assembled a very knowledgeable group of people.  This combination of professionalism and years of experience in all aspects of the industry ensures us to adequately complete any and all projects. We have employees that have managed and worked on projects being performed under heavily environmental, time, and high target constraints.

     Our surveyors are experienced in all types of environments. We have worked inside the city limits of large cities, marshes, swamps, shallow water, open plains, heavily wooded areas and mountainous terrains. We have worked from 86° below in North Dakota up to 112° in the New Mexico desert.     

     We have provided surveying and mapping for over 20 years to most of the exploration companies in the business.  We are proud to say that our  company  can  offer  a  mix  of GPS,  Inertia  and  Conventional crews  with  years  of  experience  in the seismic field.  We have over 20 company crews available to work across the United States. 

       We have worked on and with agencies such as BLM, Louisiana Fish & Wildlife, Army Corp of Engineers, National Park Services, National and State Forests and Indian Reservations. Our awareness of each organizations environmental, safety and operational specifications enable us to successfully complete the projects.


Surveying with the most up to date technology  is  a  standard  at  Geophysical  Land  Services.  We  use Topcon  and  Leica  instruments when  doing  conventional  surveying.    GPS  surveying  is  done  using the  latest  Trimble  series  survey grade  equipment  for  static  and RTK . 

  In 2007, GLS began using the latest in survey technology. Inertia Packs manufactured by  Zupt.

In  the  Land  Survey  market,  our Backpack  Portable Inertial Navigation  Systems  (B‐PINS)  provides positions  and  elevations  with  a post‐processed  accuracy  comparable  to  what  is  achieved  with  RTK GPS  surveys.  Comparisons  to  Reference  systems  such  as  LIDAR demonstrate this over and over.


Our project managers are the industry leaders in graphical information systems. We use our custom designed workstations to digitally recreate our client projects and link all aspects of the project together. Whether its creating data linked drill logs, dynamic hazard databases, or analyzing digital elevation models to determine slope, Geophysical Land Services has the technology and know how to get the job done.    

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