We have the expertise to manage all issues relating to seismic permitting and land management. 

Depending on the clients' requirements, we maintain an onsite field office for the duration of each project and provide a project manager, permit agents, mineral agents, research and lease check agents, mapping and database agents. We complement the staffing with check writing for landowner permits and payoff accounting through 1099's at year’s end. 

Seismic permitting requires a great deal of planning and coordination. It often involves working with private, public, and corporate landowners, each with their own peculiar requirements. GLS can provide a complete solution to your seismic permitting needs. It is our experience that a seismic survey goes off faster, and with less problems, if the impacted community, its businesses, and its leaders develop a trusting relationship with the exploration company and its agents.

  • Our Project Managers are capable of developing such a robust strategy, then keeping  your project organized, while also coordinating with your geophysical and seismic contractors, as well as local, State, and Federal agencies, to keep your job on track.

  • GLS permit agents are also experienced in field support, such as assisting with gate access for drills and surveyors and damage settlement negotiations. We can also handle your seismic permitting budget needs, including budget scheduling and tracking. 


  • Our Permit Agents can negotiate all the surface and mineral permits and options you need. They are trained to be in the field, knocking on doors, and building that ever important relationship with the community.
  • Our Mineral or Title Research Agents are the foundation of our permit team. Our researchers are trained in the classroom and the courthouse to provide thorough, accurate research. We understand that different jobs require different approaches to the subject. For example, our researchers are capable of completing high volumes of cursory title research at a rapid pace to support seismic permitting. GLS researchers are, however, just as capable of producing thorough patent-to-present run-sheets for leasing. Our title researchers can prepare run-sheets and reports in paper and/or digital formats. 


  • Mapping/Database Administration using state of the art ESRI and ArcView Map 
    Geographic Information Systems Software combined with large format/high definition 
    plotting capabilities linked with a web based database. We have the ability to help with 
    program design and pre-plot moves.