Pipelines are the most important investment any O&G company can make. Having the ability to accurately map and maintain land records is of vital importance to our clients. Our integrated GIS database systems help make keeping track of plats and boundary records as painless as possible. With accurate maps and up-to-date information we enable our clients to make better informed decisions when facing common problems such as:  

Compressor Stations/Pump Stations – Getting the oil and gas to travel the long distances to the downstream refinery locations requires extreme amounts of compression. Even with high amounts of pressure the pipeline routes need compression/pump stations  at intervals to keep the flow moving. Having the ability to forward plan the placement of stations based on terrain features and landowner rights is important. 

Right of Way – RIGHT-OF-WAY acquisition is a specialized field of land management requiring a specialized group of personnel. We have the people you need. GLS Right of Way Agents research, 
negotiate and elects to purchase short- and long-term leases of land agreements and right of way
for construction that meet the organization's goals. We handle all land related legal issues, 
including transfers of titles and deeds, construction, mortgage concerns, and zoning. We prepare
resolutions and other legal forms related to land acquisitions. 

Terrain – The pipeline will need to travel across a wide variety of different terrains. For instance it may begin its journey on flatlands, but need to travel across mountainous regions, through deserts, swamps, or frozen land. This wide variety of different terrain types will require unique considerations with regard to the pipeline’s construction and maintenance. Our GIS system allows us to create digital terrain models on the fly and find paths based on favorable aspect and slope conditions.

Maintenance – The challenge of maintaining the pipeline is one of the most crucial aspects of piping. It is imperative to prevent the pipes from cracking or bursting because not only would such an accident be extremely expensive, it would also be devastating to the environment, and could also cause significant problems in terms of supply and demand. By having accurate records of all aspects of pipelines construction geo-referenced to a information rich map, maintenance records can be streamlined resulting in a net cost savings in both time and manpower.  

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