We provide services for developing, acquiring, processing, & management of multi-client and proprietary surveys in all areas of the United States. 

There is often a disconnect between the Oil and Gas Exploration Companies (O&GEC) and the 
seismic contract companies that causes client frustration, lost time and money. We provide a 
bridge between the two with constant communication between Geophysical Land Services the 
O&GEC and the different seismic contractors to ensure your project runs efficiently and with the 
O&GEC interest before others. 

Our commitments 

• Constant communication between the client and field activities. 
• Provide Control of the project for the O&GEC. 
• Working within the boundaries of confidentiality agreements 
• We run our business in accordance with all government regulations, industry standards 
and the access rules that we agree with landholders 
• We seek to minimize the effects of our operations on landholders 
• We make a positive contribution to the protection of the environment

Our Management services include: 

• Bid management, evaluation, and selection 
• Quality control 
• 3D Design 
• Turnkey & Day Rate Permitting and Contract Negotiation for Geophysical Projects 
• Regulatory Permitting 
• Cursory or Patent-To-Present Title Research for Geographical Surveys 
• Seismic Options and Right of Way Acquisition / Easement Negotiations 
• GIS Mapping 

• Data Management 
• Check Writing & 1099 Services 
• Client Representation (Bird Dog) 
• Chain of Title checking and reports on surface, mineral & royalty ownership 
• Oil and Gas production history and reports 
• Oil and Gas Lease negotiations 
• Mineral and Royalty sales and purchase 
• Surface Damage Settlements 
• Well Permitting and Surface Inspection 
• Surveying 
• Site Acquisition