Oil, gas, and mineral leasing is never a task to be taken lightly. We understand the subtleties of the skill as well as the technicalities.

There are roughly three environments where leasing can take place: fast-paced, competitive areas, where companies vie for position; areas with historical oil and gas production where landowners are savvy; and relatively new areas where landowners are less experienced in the leasing process. Operators need landmen that can assess their working environment and implement the proper strategy. We pay attention to the needs of our clients, and work diligently to meet them in any climate. 
GLS lease professionals who determine the mineral owner for a piece of land, meets with and
educates mineral owners about the production of natural gas in a given area and executes oil and
gas leases on behalf of a natural gas producer/ operator. 

We are proficient in all aspects of oil and gas leasing with an emphasis on quality research,
precise lease preparation, and effective professional communications with lessors. 
GLS has developed very robust processes for leasing in highly competitive, urban settings. GLS
is experienced at tapping public and private informational resources so that leases are acquired
quickly. We are skillful at coordinating and facilitating large, multiple lease signing meetings with extraordinary turnout. These tactics help our clients contain their lease acquisition costs. 

GLS professional and experienced landmen are capable of taking rural projects from conception to production in the most qualitative and cost efficient manner possible. GLS centralized mapping, accounting and administrative systems are available to all of our landmen, no matter how remote the project may be. 
Urban or rural, GLS delivers exceptional leasing results for our clients. 

Geophysical Land Services, LLC promise is to provide high quality, creative, and result oriented land services to energy companies, and serve as a primary resource and partner in the acquisition of energy properties.