Land Title Survey

A Title survey is a survey of real property performed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor to be used by a title insuring agency for purposes of insuring title to said real property. Title surveys are typically required for real estate transactions.

Who needs one

If you want to buy an extended title insurance policy, you have to order a new survey. Title insurance companies will insure you against anything that should have been found on a survey but, to get this insurance, you need to have a survey done so that they can exclude anything that is already an issue. While extended coverage isn't always required, some lenders prefer it.

Reusing a Survey

Using an old survey is not recommended because it won't reflect any changes that have happened to the property or around it. It may also be so old that the surveyor is no longer responsible for it. However, working with the survey firm that did the old survey can be an excellent way to save time and money. GLS has working documents spanning 40 years in the Lake Livingston area

When do you need one

Surveys are done in order to produce a reliable, current description of the property in question. Many times a title company will request that a survey be completed because doubts about the legal description of the property may have arisen during search and examination of record-title.