Every employee at Geophysical Land Services has both the right and responsibility to work in a safe environment.

It is our goal at GLS to pursue a policy of accident prevention and environmental awareness for all of our employees. To achieve this, participation in our training program is a requirement for continued employment. It is our intention to provide safe and healthy working conditions, to establish and insist upon safe practices by all employees. Some of the highlights are:

Accident Prevention

Employees are expected to observe safe practice rules and instructions relating to the efficient handling of their work.


Audits are one tool for improving HSE practices by comparing written policy and procedure to what is actually happening in the field. 


GLS communicates with employees by written procedures, training and safety meetings to enforce commitment to the HSE program and to make sure that employees are familiar with its elements.

Hazard Identification

Potential workplace hazards are identified and communicated to employees.


HSE Awareness and Training

Training is designed to enable employees to learn their jobs properly, bring new ideas to the workplace, reinforce existing HSE policies and put the HSE program into action.

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety apparel and appliances for the protection of the employee are requirements and are furnished as needed.