Geophysical Land Services is committed to the pursuit of precision. 

We  use  Trimble  Geo‐Explorer  for  all  of our projects.  Our surveyors collect data attributes  of  roads,  railroads,  pipelines, power lines,  oil wells,  gas wells,  houses and  any  other  hazards  both  man  made and  naturally  occurring  so  that  buffers can be added to our maps to show exclusion  areas.   This  is  a  necessary  step  in any of our projects because our number one goal at Geophysical Land Services is 
the  safety  of  all  personnel  involved  in the project. 


Imagine being able to digitally reproduce every pipeline, fence, building, gate, well pad, and road on your prospect as they are today in a dynamic interactive mapping environment. Geophysical Land Services, LLC provides the geomatic surveying capabilities that your digital oilfield projects require. Our skilled GIS field technicians are able to digitally map and catalog features on the ground at a prospect and perform the research needed to form a  comprehensive digital recreation specific to your needs. When combined with seismic and permit data, the geomatic surface data will help you lower costs in planning and give you the edge you need in making drilling decisions

Emergency Planning

The world of emergency response and planning has changed. Your EOC now more than ever needs to have access to both real time data and update to date graphical information systems. Geophysical Land Services, LLC can provide the geomatic surveying needed to pre-plan for disasters and can help your department be better prepared for when the next one strikes.

 Our geomatic mappers have the capability to record and classify power lines, pipelines, fire hydrants, streets, over passes, or anything else you may need for your jurisdictions. We also have the capability to digitizes and consolidate your legacy systems in to one common operating picture for use with other propriety systems.